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I Grew up on a steady diet of my dad’s eclectic taste from Vangelis to Jean Michel Jarre to Genesis et al. Pop was huge in my house and so were hedonistic parties. I like to think I’m keeping that tradition going. 😉

Growing up in Melbourne in the late ’80’s I was heavily into East Coast Hip Hop and producers like Ced Gee, Bomb Squad, Kurtis Mantronik and Herby Love Bug was all that I listened to….until a chance encounter of a club called Filter on a random Wednesday night back in 1995 and everything changed for me…it became a weekly haven.

Meeting Mad Rod and his taste for quirky techno set me on a crazy path to try to acquire these hard as fuck to get records. Labels such as Basic Channel, Profan, Auftrieb, Interr-ference, Cheap Records, Plug Research became like an obsession. Instead of studying my Commerce degree I was researching on artists like Thomas Koner, Achim Szepanski, Voigt brothers and why and how they created this music.

Working in Hospitality I moved to Queensland in 2013 and to Fiji in 2014. I managed to bring a few eurorack modules, a Machinedrum and on old broken Juno 106. Over the next few years I would just make a track in the heat of the night or day and just release it digitally. All my releases are available from

Creating music is my form of personal therapy and release.

Music is Life.

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