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Shabaam – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food Radio – 10pm to 11:30pm (AEDT) – 8th of November 2022 (guest mix from 11pm)

Shabaam started his dj career in 2000 in his city of Kecel. Soon he became one of the residents of the legendary ‘Club Korona’. In that time he met with James Cole & Pat Duff and joined them into Badgirls dj-team.  Shabaam also operated the ‘Korona’ Club with James Cole in the last 3 years.
Shabaam became one of the most well-known Hungarian techno artist in the country, and played at all the most important festivals line ups in Hungary year by year. He has also played in all the best clubs throughout the country. Shabaam has dj’d also in England, Romania, Slovakia and in Serbia.  Shabaam also hosted two of his own events; Kiskőrös (Badgirls & Friends) and Budapest (Dice Events).

Shabaam founded a brand new techno label in 2018 with Deep Colors called ‘Rawflex Music’ where artists including Ricardo Garduno, Thomas Hoffknecht, Andre Kronert, Wex 10, Deepbass and many more have released on the label. Now Rawflex Music is one of the leading techno labels in Hungary. At the moment Shabaam is focusing on production and he has already released techno music on JAM, Planet Rhythm, KD RAW, Analytictrail, Complexed Records, Unknown Territory, Translucent, Wild and more in the future.

Check out Shabaam’s music below then listen to Brain Food Radio TONIGHT for his EXCLUSIVE guest mix!

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