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If you think of who brings the noise to Dubai’s music and art scene, one name comes to mind – Satwa 3000. Satwa 3000 aka S3K initially run by Swiss creatives Maxim and Yannick, known for their attention grabbing installations, videos, graphics and parties since 2015. S3K has always stepped outside the box, finding inspiration from the streets of Dubai instead of overseas, showcasing the life in the streets of United Arab Emirates and its mix of cultures.

S3K is one of the most eclectic creatives in Dubai, connecting the multi faceted groups and communities in the emirate, bringing together people from all walks of life under one roof to celebrate and indulge in the abundance of art and music that S3K provides. In 2018, one of the founders, Yannick, left and that’s when that’s when Maxim took full charge in collaborating with local and international artists and making Satwa 3000 into what it is today. Very soon hitting their 5 year mark and since then, Maxim had the chance to hang out with people from Asia, Europe, Africa and the Middle East creating inspiration as diverse as the people he met.

Music has always played a huge role for S3K, which started when creating music videos. Maxim’s musical influence goes from “Cab Calloway” singing in Betty Boop cartoon to the Return of the 26 Chambers by Ol Dirty Bastard, from swiss post-punk band “Grauzone” to Baile Funk, from Alan Lomax’s field recording to Vogue Ballroom music. On that note, on our special guest takeover you’ll hear just that, an all round set with music to satisfy everyone’s eardrums, regardless of their taste, on that eclectic tip for what Satwa 3000 is known for.

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