PLATTENBOTE | GUESTMIX | 21/07/2016 | Brain Food

Plattenbote– 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food – 11.30pm to 1am – 21st of July

Daniel Tekieli is the founder of the event organisation ‘Techno is Beautiful’ which originated in Hamburg, Germany in early 2015.  The first official ‘Techno is Beautiful’ festival will take place in the European summer in 2017 in East Germany, close to the border of Poland.  ‘Techno is Beautiful’ also regularly publishes podcasts from both known and unknown artists from all around the world.

Under the pseudonym ‘Plattenbote,’ Daniel Tekieli dj’s regularly in Hamburg and produces music in the direction of itchy electro and pumping techno.   His productions use unique organic sounds recorded in various projects with a field recorder.  He uses these field recordings from Australia, New Zealand and Fiji when he produces smooth downtempo music under the alias ‘Dj Krauselbart’ as well.  He is also a sound designer for film & video games.

Plattenbote recently played in Hamburg at Fundbureau (Verfllixt & Zugedröhnt // Glücklich), Fundbureau (Sommer unter Freunden meets Pusteblume), Techno Is Beautiful Open Air, Ay Curamba Open Air and Purgatory.

Check out Plattenbote’s music below then listen to Brain Food this Thursday night for his exclusive guest mix!


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