Peruw | Guest Mix & New Release on Premium Tuna

Joining us on this weeks show to take us on one of his classically deep and moody journeys, we have party squad leader and established sonic creator Peruw. Not only will he be answering some awkward questions and spinning a live mix, but he will also be playing some brand new and unreleased material!


In the inner-eastern suburbs of Melbourne resides a young artist who possesses an astonishing amount of vision and passion to have already found his place in the world of music by the ripe age of 20. Cooper, popularly known for his music as Peruw, is an up-and-coming DJ/Producer who displays a very particular style of Deep, Melodic Tech House through the music he mixes and produces, encompassing all the qualities that make up Peruw as a recognised artist.

Music has been at the forefront of Cooper’s advanced, creative mind since a very early age and plays a huge role in the early successes that the young artist has already achieved in his fresh and promising career.
His early grasp of the language of music enables him to combine rolling tech house drum beats with deep, ominous melodies, accompanied by mesmerizingly, atmospheric ambience, displaying his inspiration drawn from labels such as Lessizmore, All Day I Dream and Watergate.

Already with a few released tracks, regular gigs around Melbourne and his own weekly event showcasing local artists, Peruw is merely just entering into a very long and successful journey through underground music that will see him have a tremendous impact on artists and punters all over the world through his passion for unity and sharing beauty through sound.

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Mount Mike

Mount Mike is Producer & DJ who hails from Melbourne, Australia and currently resides in Vancouver, Canada. Never wavering in his mission to push song and dance beyond the conventions of genre, Mike's taste is broad and doesn't stick to one sound. His music takes on otherworldly tones and textures, bending mood and energy, blending thump and melody. Deep house at the core, his tracks meander through progressive and minimal territory, sometimes even lending from techno. He loves it weird and wonky and is not afraid to blur the boundaries. His DJ sets have landed him slots at Australian festivals such as Strawberry Fields and Babylon and have also seen him support some of the world’s finest acts including personal favourites such as: Stimming, Frankey & Sandrino and Andreas Henberg. Off the stage his role as host on Premium Tuna - a radio show on Kiss FM dedicated to Australian producers and DJs - and director of Under The Nest Music & Arts Festival - a boutique camping festival run in the Winton Wetlands - has cemented his place in the Melbourne scene as one of their own. As a producer, Mike enjoys creating a space where organic and synthetic sounds can meet in emotive harmony. Just like his live sets, he doesn’t like colouring inside the lines. His mantra? There’s a rhythm in everything, you just have to listen for it. His mission? To spread connection and dancing through the emotive and sometimes weirder side of house and techno. Signed to Australian label Suckmusic, Mike's releases have been building momentum with a string of Beatport chartings and Spotify traction. With a number of exciting releases scheduled for the remainder of 2019, Mount Mike is certainly one to watch out for.

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