GUTI LEGATTO | GUESTMIX | 31/03/2016 | Brain Food

Guti Legatto – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food – 11.30pm to 1am – 31st of March

Omar Fernandez Gutierrez, better known in the artistic world as “Guti Legatto”, was born in the exciting 80s on a cold December night.
As a newborn baby, he stretched under a steely sky. A universe stunned and plagued by stars watched him. It was one of the coldest mornings of the winter. A wild darkness threatened the entire planet.
Omar began studying guitar at the Conservatory of Cuenca (Spain) when he was only six years old. The grim and medieval Spanish town of Cuenca, anchored between giant boulders, could not guess the kind of boy it had brought into the world.
Omar is a heir of the “La Movida” (Spanish musical movement of the 80s). He soon tasted the forbidden fruit of techno and house music; receiving the divine inspiration. Since then, he has been walking, wanderer and lunatic, subjugated by the most extravagant scenarios, chasing unimaginable sounds, collecting fleeting fanfares, spinning atomic rhythms…
Despite his young age, Omar is a producer with extensive practice from his acoustic cave. He experienced rhythmic gaits in the field of electronic music and he couldn´t resist this captivating passion. As a thirsty vampire, unusual musical siren, gothic pale person, he became a pilgrim night owl and a hunter searching for all kinds of new rhythms .
He soon started to play at various venues and to produce his own music. What had started as an unbridled passion, eventually became an urgent profession. He launched to share places with some of the most cutting-edge artists of the moment, always loyal to his own style. His themes go around the world and are heard in Europe, America, Africa and Oceania.
If we were to single out his two most important qualities as  a versatile artist, they would be a strong musical instinct and a tenacity in his objectives.

Check out Guti Legatto’s music below then listen to Brain Food this Thursday night for his exclusive guest mix!


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