Guest Mix | DJ Major Taylor | Back to the Future

Anyone who knows him will tell you Major Taylor has no shortage of ideas or endeavors.

It was Major Taylor’s love of independent music culture: punk ,hip hop, reggae & electronic music, which nurtured his interest in turntablism. Under the tutelage & influence of Philly legends such as Mr.10 Fingers Jazzy Jeff, Cosmo Baker & Dj Cash Money, Major Taylor established himself as a unique, creative talent in the Philly DJ community. He soon went on to develop a series of popular parties that solidified him as an influential member of a club music scene that spawned Spankrock, Amanda Blank, Low B, Hollertronix, Diplo & countless others.

Major Taylor has since toured the world both as a dj and as the lead guitarist and singer for his dub infused post-punk band The Jai Alai Savant. Currently residing in Chicago, Major Taylor composes music for independent films & DJ’s weekly party’s. Referred to as ” The DJ for folks that love to dance but don’t like nightclubs” by the Chicago Tribune,his eclectic style, gregarious nature,extensive music knowledge,& fierce technical acumen make him a musical one man army.

Tune in at 10.30am on Saturday morning to hear DJ Major Taylor’s 15 Minute Mini Mix

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