Glamorama, your Northside venue that revels in it’s open later than late status has temporarily closed due to the coronavirus (COVID-19).

Even in the toughest times like the present, one door can close and another opens. This is the time for all of us to keep pushing on in every way we can, we need to support each other, we’re all we’ve got!

Coming together with KISS FM every Wednesday from 7:00-8:30pm LIVE on the airwaves, for your mid-week fix of house, techno and disco needs with a side of social distancing.

True, we can’t party publicly right now but that doesn’t mean the music and good vibes need to stop! Keep the industry alive with us – we’ll need somewhere to go for a drink when we get out on the other side of this.

Join host Madam Elle as she connects with our local DJs, rewinds some of your favourite pre-recorded live sets from the weekends gone and keep the conversation flowing.

Keep connected via our socials or if you need further information, send us a message!
Tell us how we can help support you!

Stay safe!


The weekends have been real lonely without you.
We’re a little unsure what day it is anymore, all we know is, it’s been 2-3 weeks since we danced publicly together. 🙁
Ordering a drink at a bar seems like a distant memory now. Ahhhh the simpler days!

Bless our friends <3 – Thank you Mark Schott for joining us this Wednesday to lighten up the mood!
Tune in if your having Glamorama withdrawals – There's something missing in all of us at the moment and being around our friends is a big one!
Hoping to relight that flame that was the weekend vibes and keep it burning every Wednesday!

See you soon!

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