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GEORGEOUS & Souldate Guest Mix Live!

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All manner of grooves, from deep to tech, disco to progressive, leaving no one unturned. He doesn’t just pluck the coolest cuts; he has an ear for what sounds right, an intuitive understanding of how bridge musical divides and find the common ground between them in the dancefloor.

After being at the forefront of the new wave of electro-house dj’s with the duo “Kill The Hipsters” by promoting Zoológico Club and having closed SOS Festival and Klubbers Day last year, now Georgeous offers his most elegant view sounding melodic, emotional and warm rather than pummelling minimal. ”


Tony R. aka Souldate has been plying his trade of quality house music for over 10 years now. With a seemingly bottomless record bag, his varied and housey sets at recently opened Goya Social Club in Madrid have increasing his recognition.

Starting 2015 releasing house music that is uk influenced, deep, sometimes dark but always groovy and kinda underground. It is therefore no surprise the berliner label Depaart is now releasing several EPs this year that for sure will have a strong support.

Throughout his musical journey starting at the techno legendary venue “Soma”, Souldate has developed an unique perception of electronic music gaining the attention of labels such as Malo Records or Alma Soul Music to name a few.”

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