Natural Selection

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Kendrick Lamar Alright 12.30pm
Return of the B girl Whats My Name
Obscure Disorder Maitain the Focus
Quasimoto Microphone Mathematics
Yah Supreme Old & Wise
Doctor L Life of fortune & fame
Mission: Contagious LP Mix (inst.)
Jamal-Ski Piece of reality
The Politik Money (Instr) GOYA MUSIC SPECIAL 1.00
Blakai ft Roseanna Calle
Domu Not In Common
DKD Future Rage
Da one away Trash Da Junk
Colonel Red Sanctify
Midtgaard Sommerfugl 1.30
Seven Slow Percussions
Aihki Samarkand
Coyoti Single Handed
The Reflex ILLBRND 2020
Sartorial Addicted To You
Castle Queenside You've Always Been
Sartorial Little Love
Cheval Saturns
Ant Larock Pleasure