Natural Selection 01.09.2020

Natural Selection

Artist Track Album Label Notes
Unnatural Selection What you do? 12:30pm
JK Group Nutha One
Chicken Wishbone Kiddd
Karate Boogaloo Space Language
Hieronymus Dros Man With the Cobra Cane
Sampology, Sam Stosure, Megan Christensen Only Joy
Ant Larock Pleasure 1pm
Sampology Lovers Carnival
The Brains Pipe Magpie
Francis Inferno Orchistre Meet the Salt Lake City
Grevillr Ghisesh
Big Pressure Rivers 1.30pm
Hektor Monday
Gideon Greene Tick
I.A.O Drangendes Gleiten
Dj Boring Like water
Barney McAll Venus as a boy 2pm
The Yougoslav Attack Mae West
The Rookies Belvedere
Sam Anning Talking Wall
Viaticvm Sangre Sol
Dawn Again Employment Division