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Shuedet – Permutation EP (Pre-Order)

Shuedet – S002 – Permutations

Ka tangi te titi, ka tangi te kaka, ka tangi hoki ahau. Kia ora koutou, I am very happy to present S002 – Permutations, my project Shuedet’s sophomore EP. The recording is comprised of five songs written and continuously rearranged throughout 2015, and is a way of extending my capabilities for digitally enhanced live performance using stringed instruments, vocals, sequencers and field recordings. Processes of manipulation and layering form textural, flickering melodies, ambient passages, and driving rhythms, grounded by deep sub-bass. At it’s heart this is soundsystem music, meant to be immersed in and felt physically.

Thanks to all who have given their love, time, help, guidance and support. tk x

Sound mastered by J. Meharry at In Real Life Mastering.

Cover artwork by Alice King. Alice is frequently inspired by the patterns found in nature and is interested in the bridging of technology with the organic. In this project the delicacy of a stone lithographic tusche wash is enlivened through digital manipulation to create an image reminiscent of distant landscapes, a building storm, or alien microcosms.

Design and illustration by Rosa Friend. Rosa is an illustrator and graphic designer based in Melbourne. She uses both traditional and digital mediums to create contemporary, stylised works.

Pre-Order here…

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