Kiss FM Dance Music Australia Top Ten 4th June 2014

Top Ten Kiss FM Dance Music Australia 17th July 2013 by The Beautiful Drive on Mixcloud
1. Peter Francis-Be There ft. O. J. Anderson-Original Mix-Issa’min
2. Jovonn-Trippin-Body ‘n’ Deep Vox Mix-Apollonia
3. Sure Thing-Holding You Tight-Extended DJ Mix-DFTD
4. Robert Babicz-Duba-Guy J Mix-Balance
5. Ben Pearce & Black Orange Juice-Predictable-Hatch Mix-MTA Records
6. Pole Folder & Simon Latham-The Bitter Memory-Original Mix-Electronical Reeds
7. EDX-Cool You Off-Original Mix-OneLove
8. Tiny Tiny-Take The Time-Nick Coleman Mix-Suckmusic
9. Blake!-What You Say-Original Mix-Vicious Bitch
10. Mumbai Science-Whistleblower feat. Peaches-Album Cut-OneLove

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