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I’ve always loved listening to various styles of House music and DJ mixes. Back in the mid 90’s I was inspired by Kiss FM and looked forward to it being live on 89.9.

When I got my driver’s license, I had the opportunity to mobile DJ and put together my own digital DJ solution, consisting of a massive MP3 collection, a mixer and bulky desktop computer. Since that short mobile DJ stint, I have been a follower of music/artists and as cheesy as it sounds, I have felt something was missing and realised it was a lingering desire to get back into DJing.

Time passed, I got busy with my career and growing family and then finally, in November 2019, I bought myself a birthday present; a Pioneer DDJ-200 and started experimenting.

2020 has been a strange time for DJ’s, not being able to perform live, which has led to the rise of major artists moving to online platforms like Twitch to live stream and engage with their audience and earn a living.

I was inspired, and during Melbourne’s first 2020 lockdown, to pass the time with family and friends, we live streamed a set on YouTube. The enjoyment and feedback solidified my passion for mixing, so I invested in upgrading to a Pioneer DDJ-1000.  Whilst regularly following some of the best DJ’s in the world I studied, practised and created my own weekly streams on Twitch, with a spectacular backdrop of Melbourne’s city skyline and named each set around current news events such as “The Curfew” and “House Arrest”.

I’ve enjoyed entertaining my listeners each week, taking them on a journey, where I have the opportunity to show case new tracks and build exciting transitions with the evolving skills and techniques I continue to develop.





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