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Young Pablo is our head resident DJ at Beat therapy. His love of electronic music was born at an early age and he began Dj’ing over 10 years ago. Throughout this journey he’s dipped his ears in various genres and sub genres of electronic music with his main focus being centred around Techno. He’s no stranger to experimenting with different rhythms so expect a change from the 4×4 from time to time, blended with mind bending sound scapes and textures.

Beat Therapy is a newly formed music events brand. It has been formed by a collaboration between two friends who met in the UK, through their involvement in the music events industry. They now coincidentally both find themselves residing in Melbourne, and have recognised a gap in the modern music event industry; from an underground club and rave culture perspective. “The city has a portion of the population crying out for this niche style of event, however, tight licensing laws mean that these type of events are often difficult to execute and hard to access”. For this reason, the duo have decided to come together to create something new and fresh for the city in the music events space, drawing on inspiration from their underground club/rave culture experiences in the UK and other big European cities. Stay tuned as the brand plans to launch their first event in 2020/21 as soon as COVD-19 restrictions are lifted.

Our concept embodies the philosophies behind European rave and club culture, strongly encouraging and promoting freedom of expression. It is centred around a dark glamour feel, both in our sound and visuals. We will aim to portray a sense of darkness to our audience while still maintaining an element of class and elegance in the way that we execute our events. Techno will be our primary genre but DJ’s are encouraged to be experimental, to span different sounds keeping within the feel of the concept.




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