In the DJ hot seat this week we have Yanni Arsenakis coming in for a Guest Mix, A known local around South side, you can often find him mixing up a storm behind any of the biggest clubs in Melbourne, working up a sweat on the D-floor. Make sure to tune in on Tuesday morning for all your tech-house needs.


A collector of deeply spiritual songs aiming to share these aural treasures and channel his inner musical chakra at each moment of the space-time continuum that governs our existence on the world’s largest dancefloor – earth. Or some shit like that When he is not embodying or wrestling with concepts of the cosmos, Yanni (aka Yan-man, YanniiBananii or DJ Saganaki) is busy trying to avoid the press and live up to surrounding rumours. The legends speak of his entrance into the techno temple Berghain not even wearing black but with just an acknowledging nod from Sven. Some say he’s worked the dance floor with so much groovy tech-house that a frenzy of fist-pumps from the crowd figuratively and literally raised the roof. The same fans say his selections of house caused so much spontaneous dancing the floor collapsed deep into the ground and thus deep house was born – that’s what Kerri Chandler tells his kids anyway. At kickons they speak of extended lounge sets so transporting and transformative that listeners were shot into the stratosphere and returned back as a couch. When he’s not on a mystical trek in the forest of Rainbow Serpent or locked into a long-standing drinking battle with the kegs of Boags at Revolver, he is available to play grandma’s 80th, adult film screenings, underground kindergarten parties and Miss Universe pageants. Ever since burning the greatest mix cd 2006 has ever seen there’s absolutely no telling what this international man of mystery can accomplish with his remaining time on this planet. Having been credited with a returned fist-bump from Richie Hawtin this one time at an afterparty, the sky’s the limit.


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