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Winter tends to bring us feelings of fatigue and, at times we find ourselves riding the inward spiral, making it harder to feel motivated and energetic. On the upside, it gives the music seekers more time to dig, and less time to fomo. Because unlike summer, going outside is often met with much careful thought, weighing up the pro’s and con’s of a trip across the frozen Tundra; I mean, Melbourne.

I find winter much more quiet and insular therefor giving us more of a reason to listen. And many cultures have their own traditions, come the dreaded cold spell.

Though I find here in Melbourne, a kind of magic that emerges during the colder months. Warmly lit up jazz bars, heaving underground events, and the deeper into the winter scene we get, the deeper the music.

This Thursday is an ode to the gathering of the Melbourne tribe, a carefully selected set of tunes that will facilitate the notion of ‘going deeper’.

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