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‘Swamp Crawler’ tonight on Resonant Frequencies

We promised a Forest set a few weeks ago and tonight we deliver. Tonight’s guest Melbourne’s own “Swamp Crawler”, a new project from a name that will be familiar to those involved in the Psytrance scene here in Victoria, Josh Gosha Tuv. He produces and DJ’s under multiple alias’s, and he is in charge of booking artists for the amazing “Yemaya” festival.
“From the deep twisted swamps of Melbourne comes Swamp Crawler!!
26 Year old Josh Gosha Tuv, has been producing for 6 years under multiple alias’s, ‘Earthbound’ a nighttime Psytrance act consisting of Josh and good friend Ettai, ‘MoGo’ a progressive act with Mosha Mahfouda and is now ready to unleash the sound that’s deep inside of him!!!
‘Swamp Crawler’ a combination of deep driving bass lines, ultra groovy percussion and super crunchy squelchy FX!!
Unleash the Swamp Creature within!!!”
Check out links below for more, Swamp Crawler soundcloud coming soon.
11:30pm – 1am Tonight on Kiss FM 87.8 or stream from

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