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Tune into OPEN DEX EP #10 featuring STEFAN MITTIGA & HEYOKA whilst they go into the running for our epic prizes and festival slot! 

STEFAN MITTIGA-Stefan Mittiga has been DJing for approximately three years, with the notable achievement of performing at his first international gig, among several others in Melbourne.

His musical journey has seen his sound evolve over time, adapting to the various gigs he’s encountered. However, a profound love for House music remains a constant in his artistic expression.

Stefan is eager to explore the possibilities presented by the upcoming competition and is excited to share a demo mix of a House set tailored for an upcoming bush doof event in November.

HEYOKA- Heyoka is the new kid on the block! he made his debut in yourshot 2023 and showed just a little bit of what Melbourne has to offer!

Born and raised in Melbourne Australia, Heyoka has a love for producing and playing Melbourne minimal music and is determined to bring straight up vibes in his gigs, He has been making moves producing music and performing sets around Melbourne. With a fair few years of producing and practicing behind him he’s ready to make his mark on the scene.

Heoyka’s vibe can be described as the best that Melbourne has to offer! Some of his inspirations include: ORKESTRATED, YROR?, DAUNE BARTOLO, SHORT ROUND, KALUS, HOLLY J and many more…

Heyoka has performed at YOURSHOT 2023, jump Melbourne’s debut event and Astra open decks #2 Be sure to keep an eye out because he’s definitely set to make waves in the Melbourne music scene!

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