Resonant Frequencies Ft. OBSIDIAN

We would like to welcome our guest for this friday the 30th of June…
Idan Beneli aka “Obsidian” will be joining us in the studio for a chat and taking control of the Kiss Fm Airwaves for a solid hour. He brings high energy psychedelic vibes and we love that here on Resonant Frequencies. Can’t wait to hear what he has install for us.

11:30pm-1am 87.6-88.0 FM or stream from

“Created by Australian DJ/Producer, Idan Ben-Eli, “Obsidian” was born through a burning love of Psy-Trance. Fuelled by a profound desire to create and provide powerful and groovy sets to each crowd he plays for, Obsidian DJ’s a variety of sub genre’s of Psytrance. From funky daytime progressive Psy to relentless night time full-on, he is known to adapt his music to suit every set. Having played alongside many heavyweight artists in the scene such as Earthling, K.i.M, Altruism, Rinkadink, Kabayun, Arjuna, Farebi Jalebi, Ryanosaurus and Pspiralife (Just to name a few). Obsidian is quickly becoming one of the top up and coming DJ’s/Producers in the Melbourne scene. After many years of listening to Psy-trance, Obsidian began writing music in 2014 and has since then elected to produce Progressive Psytrance, although that does not stop him from experimenting in other styles here and there.”


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