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Après Strawberry Fields Mix

Tune in this Monday for a Post-Strawberry-Fields-Festival Soiree


About Strawberry Fields:

The smiles, the sunburn, the sounds, the sky and the clouds. The strangers, the friends, and the foreigners. The driving, the dancing, the laughing, and the falling over in the dark. The campsite envy, the forgetting of socks, the lack of ice and surplus of dirt. These are the things which will define the greatest weekend of your life. Welcome to the wild world of Strawberry Fields.

Strawberry Fields is an annual celebration of art, sound and creative expression held for three days each November, a few hours outside of Melbourne, Australia. Each year we bring you a diverse selection of both renowned and breakthrough electronic music from both Australia and overseas.

Explore a sensory wonderland – featuring world class decor, eclectic market stalls, art installations, live performance, workshops and more.

Our event was founded with the intention of pursuing three simple goals:

I. Provide a platform for young, local and upcoming talent.

Over a hundred local and international musicians showcase their work at Strawberry Fields. We believe the focus should be as much on the headliners as the unknowns. From the hundreds of anonymous submissions we receive each year, we select a series of up and coming artists to expose their work to thousands of their peers.

II. Create a unique environment for showcasing art and music

We aim to transport you to a world that surprises and inspires you – from a bamboo beach, to a lush oriental tea lounge, a suspended gallery, giant wooden hands breaking out of the ground or the stages themselves, every structure and space is dreamed and designed to stretch your imagination.

III. Celebrate the wild Australian bush

This is an experience that all who attend Strawberry Fields truly value – a huge part of the appeal of the event is the idea of spending a weekend immersed in nature and the beauty our country is blessed with.

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