Rehmark is one of the most emblematic DJ/Producers of the Spanish night.

From a young age, he was influenced by electronic music. He purchased his first Dj turntables at age 16 and since then they have not stopped.   From the year 2000 he began a residency at one of Madrid’s most prestigious clubs – Luis Damora. Other Madrid clubs where he graced the dex were Space of Sound, Danzoo, Pasagoda & Circus.

Always on the more underground side of dance music, Rehmark decided to branch out and travel abroad in search of new sounds.

After several years playing in Miami and London he returned to Spain with a distinctive techno tilt.

Presently, Rehmark is very focused on his production career. He has released tracks on Elevate, Spark Musik, Waveform Recordings and Hydrozoa. He has remixed for Pig & Dan and his track “Analogue Symphony”, is part of the latest Space Magazine annual CD compilation.

Rehmark is in the throws of launching his own label with his fellow radio presenter partner Nukkah.  The WorldSound Series radio program is currently broadcasting its fifth season on Loca FM, the leading electronic music station Spain.

A constantly evolving artist, Rehmark has become one of the most influential exponents of techno in Spain and is in high demand at some of best venues and festivals in Europe.


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