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This Monday on FORUM, we have Nick Athanasiou, founder and creative director of the wonderful Skunk Control.

Victoria University’s Skunk Control create engaging and immersive experiences and spaces designed to provide audiences with a sense of wonderment and opportunities to make discoveries.

Drawing on technology, design and art; their backgrounds in engineering, science and education; and their fondness for all things left of field, the group’s creations are interactive and unexpected.

The tangible yet visceral excitement that comes from discovering something new and the joy associated with this process is something that they insist their creative work elicits and celebrates. As in the case of Alice, they value the opportunity of convincing others of as many as six impossible things before breakfast and that there really are unexplored and wondrous worlds behind wardrobes, under beds and between cracks in walls.

Their work attempts to re-engage audiences in those feelings they had in their formative years where their senses were engaged in exponential activity and where discoveries, facts and fantasies merged to create crucibles of vivid moments.

As well as designing and fabricating their creative works (incorporating light, sound and kinetic movement) they also develop and run outreach programs for the community that focus on the art and science that underpin their creations.

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Skunk Control

Vimeo: Luminous Intervention. Commissioned by Federation Square as part of the 2015 Light in Winter Festival (Melbourne, Australia).

Text: Nick Athanasiou


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