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Meraki is a Progressive Psytrance musician living down under in Melbourne, Australia. Nature and our Psychedelic adventure are what fuel his artistic quest. By listening to Meraki’s unique sound, you will experience the relationship between the two.

Having supported some of the best PsyTrance acts from around the world such as Ace Ventura, Mandragora, 4i20, Ritmo, Phaxe, Tetrameth and Ryanosaurus, Meraki is quickly gaining momentum and success on the International stage.

After discovering the magical world of Psytrance in 2015, Meraki has dedicated his life to the scene striving to channel back the love it has given him. Through discipline and determination, he has composed a loving understanding of the culture and is now here to share his passion of Progressive Psytrance with you.

Meraki connects with the listener by presenting a journey through sound. His signature tight, hypnotic basslines will grab your attention first as your body is hit with waves of warm vibration. Followed by his hard-hitting drum patterns locking you straight into the dancefloor, pulling you into a world of sound, unbound by the limits of reality to express nature in its most ethereal state.

Beyond his artistic expression, Meraki’s mission is pure and simple. To remind you of the power in the present moment and to celebrate life, having as much fun as humanly possible.


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