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Hamidreza Zolfi aka MEDZEL was born in 1987 in Tehran, Iran where he still resides. He was interested in electronics and music from his childhood. He was born into a traditional family and he was the last born. Hamidreza was so in love with music he says “I remember when I was 6 years old I would go to sleep listening to an 80’s audio cassette on my Walkman”.

Electronic sounds always attracted him and due to his interest in electronics such as speakers, microphones, and electronic circuit boards he would experiment with these items to try and create better sounding versions of the music he loved.

Starting his DJ career in 2016 Hamidreza chose the artist name “MEDZEL”. In 2018 MEDZEL began producing his weekly “Inspiration” podcasts based around the deep progressive techno genre.

MEDZEL aims to profile quality electronic music. He believes that music can be an inspiration for love and humanity all over the world. Accordingly he has named his podcasts “INSPIRATION” so that when you listen to his podcasts you feel embraced by the positive energy of the universe.

The mix he has prepared for Kiss FM is the latest episode in his Inspiration series.


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