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Love International ‘Festival in Review Mix’


Having just arrived back from Love International Festival in Crotia – Anthony Mac has put together a show which will review some of the festivals flavour and give you a taste of what its all about.

Heralded as the catalyst for the now burgeoning scene in the entire Adriatic region, the Garden Festival started with just 300 people back in 2006, and has bloomed annually into its 11th year running, having just switched hands with a slight revamp and new name ‘Love International’. Revered for its intimate family feel, no VIP areas and idyllic coastal setting, Love International is carrying the flame forward and continuing to set the standard in what is becoming the mecca for summer festivals in Europe.

Love International – adopted The Garden’s unique ethos, running across 29th June – Weds 6th July 2016. It featured an array of new artists and partners, as well as continuing to work with some of the crews who have been part of The Garden Festival’s growth over the last decade, and carrying those relationships forward. Nick Colgan, one of The Garden Festival’s founders, says: “We couldn’t have wished for a better end to our decade-long odyssey here, it was a truly fantastic way to finish. We also know our legacy is in really good hands, with Dave and Tom taking up the reins here next year. It has always been vitally important to us to keep everything growing here far into the future, and to do that now is the right time to let the guys fully lose in Croatia!”

Tune in Monday August 1st @ 10pm Australian Time (1pm GMT)

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