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Here at KISS FM, mostly, we compliment our taste in all sort of dance music with the ability to create/generate a delicate sense of humor. Being located in the heart of Melbourne CBD, we cannot escape the existence of the annual international comedy festival and their vibrant festivities spreading all over town with 541 shows in more than 100 hundred venues from March 26th – April 20th 2014. In its 28th year the Melbourne International Comedy Festival promises to be as big as ever with the likes of Arj Barker, Steven K Amos, Wil Anderson, Adam Hills, and countless more international and local acts all locked in.

Today at the studio, The Beautiful Drive’s host Timmy Byrne will have a chat with one of the comics from the festival. He is known as  Australia’s Prince of Polyester and will be fronting his brand new live show, Bob Sweat & Tears, at the Athenaeum Theatre . His name is Bob Downe and he will shed some light on his new show and address some gossip column rumours. From what hung on his bedroom walls and inspired his path to fame to his sexuality and process of self discovery.

Hear Bob get this all out with Timmy on The Beautiful Drive today at 5pm (Melbourne Time) only KISS 87.6 87.8 & 88.0 FM (Melbourne) or go to these links : | | or download Kissmelbourne app!

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