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Jeran Portis – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food Radio – 11.30pm to 1am (AEST) – 23rd of May 2019

Currently somewhere near Seville but from the UK. Darren (Jeran Portis) spent his earliest years living throughout the UK and in Germany and he involved himself in all things house and techno related for most of his life. Starting off in the mid to late nineties reviewing records for a photocopied fanzine and selling mixtapes in local clothes and record shops, he then went on to DJ at secret parties mainly in the woods and warehouses of the Midlands and Eastern England. Things continued into the 2000’s with stints on various radio stations, and he began releasing his own music under the guise of Dangerous Liaisons.

In late 2016 came a new excursion with Motech Detroit’s Franki Juncaj and he began using the name Jeran Portis to release music on Franki’s Djrums music label.

Jeran Portis’ cassette and digital album “Sound and Vibrations” is out on Machine Mind Records on 15th June, only on Bandcamp.

“It’s more about sound and vibrations rather than images and personalities. My sound is obviously based a lot on the original house and techno records from the 80s and 90s, but I try and add a new twist and put my own stamp on it somehow. For inspiration I get a lot of that from listening to jazz, jazz-funk records, weird experimental music, ideas from philosophy and sci-fi films and things like that. If there’s something I like I try to copy the moods rather than the styles. I try and make my music capture the feeling of a certain time and place. So when people are listening to my music I hope that what I was feeling and was influenced by when I was making it comes through. I like to keep things simple a fairly raw, too much gloss kills the soul.”

Check out Jeran Portis’ music below then listen to Brain Food Radio this Thursday night for his EXCLUSIVE guest mix!

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