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Let me introduce you to Australia’s primary party person and just all round good guy, Felixx.

Felixx has done it all and can do it all. The journey started by volunteering at a local radio station when a colleague roped him in for a gig at a pub. Since then Felixx has owned the nightclub scene in Canberra holding down residencies at Mooseheads & Academy (RIP). After making the move to Sydney Felixx has not shy’d away from the limelight with stamping his claim on IVY. Not to mention he has coupled all of this with multiple entries into the ARIA Dance charts with support from David Guetta, Don Diablo & Sam Feldt along with countless DJ’s on home soil. Felixx is a class act and his Guestmix will be nothing short of that. Felixx and I caught up for a chat, check it out below and tune in Monday at 6pm.

Q. Where did things start for you as Felixx and what is your quest?

A. I have always been a huge radio nerd, so I was volunteering at the local radio station when a colleague said to me “you work in radio, you must be an expert with music. I need a pub DJ. Are you keen?” The rest is history, and now I’m focusing on fostering the next generation of great DJs and producers while still enjoying the best bits of DJing.

Q. It’s been a long time since lock outs were introduced in Sydney, Drama with festivals being cancelled now Covid-19, how do you think the scene is going to be when this is all lifted?

A. The world will never go back to what we knew as “normal”. The scene has always evolved and adapted, which has been great to see during lockdown with the number of streams and other ways to access DJs. Shout out to The Quaranstream doing great things keeping DJs connected and giving them an outlet where online audiences can still enjoy what they do.

Q. Do you have any tips for DJ’s that have never played a gig in front of a crowd but have a real passion for it?

A.  Interact. Be a part of the crowd. I always remember a quote from Fatboy Slim: “Your crowd feeds off your energy, so you need to be having 20% more fun than the crowd.”

Q. What is one subgenre you think doesn’t get the attention it deserves?

A. Riddim. Jokes. I have a strong jazz background and when I found electro-swing, it blew my mind. It’s accessible yet complex – all the things I love about jazz, brought into an electronic framework. I don’t expect to be playing any electro-swing shows anytime soon though!

Q. What is one secret about the industry that you’ve learnt over the years that if you could, you would pass onto yourself 5 years ago?

A. Create your own opportunities. Everyone has their own agenda and it’s convenient when they align with yours, but if you actively create things that people will jump at the chance to be involved with, it will fast-track a lot of bullshit.

Q. What is your favourite non electronic music song and why?

A. Mouse On The Keys – Spectres de Mouse ( Before I got into DJing, I was a drummer, and I love complex rhythms and time signatures. Specrtres De Mouse has irregular time signatures and such dissonant harmonies, yet it still fosters a range of emotion. The “fast” drums and “slow” piano in places is a rare juxtaposition which is hard to pull off, especially in electronic music. Notable mention to Don Diablo for pulling it off a lot of the time.

Q. What is your pose behind the decks when playing a set?

A. Drunk Idiot.

Q. What’s your Favourite animal and why?

A. Cared-for cats. Imagine living your whole life being able to go about your day as you please, with food and pats on command.

Q. What is the one thing that you love the most about performing live?

A. Connecting with a crowd, hands down. There’s no other feeling like sharing an experience with a room full of people, also knowing that you created that feeling.

Q. Imagine you’re in the crowd watching yourself play, you hold a phone up to yourself, what does the phone say?

A. “Let’s do a shot”

Q. Do you prefer to open for a DJ or play your own headline set?

A.  Both have their appeal. I love building a room from scratch because you can physically see the fruits of your labour. The energy from a headline set is hard to replicate elsewhere without “outshining the headliner”.

Q.  What can people expect from your guest mix?

A. Fun, not-too-serious, groovy. Don’t worry, it’s not half an hour of headline bangers.

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