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Definitely not a stranger to the music scene by any means, DJ SIMMY is born and bred in Melbourne. Her experience and knowledge of the music and entertainment industry spans almost 20 years! From starting in promotional and venue assistant jobs at the age of 15, she has spent a number of years working across some of Melbournes biggest nightclubs and festivals. She has seen the music industry grow and has seen some of the best talent and artists come through some of Melbourne’s biggest venues. While she has always been around the music industry, DJS, live bands both here in Melbourne and overseas in Europe, she has always been on the sides of the stage or backstage! Now in recent years post 2020 she has taken it upon herself to learn how to mix, play local gigs and even win runner up on the Alize stage at the famous Your Shot DJ competition in 2022. DJ SIMMY really knows how to set the mood with deep house, melodic and progressive tunes. Each time she plays there is this incredible emotional connection that you can feel in the music. She’s able to capture and express all those feelings through her mixes. Get ready to groove to those captivating beats and let the music take you on a journey! 💫 


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