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Digital Afrika | Interview | 5pm Thursday 28th Feb

Tune in this Thursday afternoon at 5pm as Timmy chats with NUI MOON OF Digital Afrika ahead of their performance at WOMADelaide 2019

Digging deep into the depths of African rhythms and melody, Digital Afrika push the frontiers of dancefloor orientated Afro House. 

Their debut 2017 EP “Dark Matter” is the result of the production powerhouse of Melbourne-based Future Roots and Si Fixion.

Incorporating live instrumentation, MPCs, African percussion and digital production, Digital Afrika’s sound is a dancefloor stimulator for any corner of the globe. The duo plays their own tracks live and a finely selected assortment of global dance tracks sourced from New York to Lagos.

The group now has played throughout Australia, Europe and Asia and have released an EP.

Future Roots Aka Nui Moon has at his command a broad palette of instrumentation including a large array of traditional percussion instruments and drum kits from around the world, and more contemporary ways of forging sound through the use of synthesisers, programming and DJing.

Nui has played with international music icons YOTHU YINDI, MULATU ASTAKE, HORACE ANDY, LUCIANO, BOMBINO and JBOOG, Zhonu’s professional work spans tours, concerts and recordings across the globe.  

As for Si Fixation he Is a Melbourne based music producer and DJ, percussionist and co-founder of Afrik Futurism Club Nite. He specialises in playing Afrohouse, future beats and bass music. Drawing on influences of African percussion and electronic music, Si Fixion weaves these styles together with high calibre production.

Here is a small clip which shows the vibe of a digital Afrika show it also features dancer Karen Bravo Garcia who will be at WOMADelaide with the group –

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