DeltaCroc is a new and aspiring DJ/Producer from Sydney, aged 21 (Born May 28, 1997). The idea behind the name came from a combination of multiple personal interests and experiences. After visiting Hartley’s Croc adventures in Cairns (Since he loves animals, in particular crocodiles), and drawing cartoons of characters that looked like crocodiles and meeting people or seeing things associated with the word delta, He came up with the original name Crocodelta. Soon after though, he changed to DeltaCroc to shorten the amount of syllables and to sound a bit catchier. From this, he’s created the legend behind the origins of DeltaCroc coming from a mysterious swamp in Far North Queensland. He loves the genres of Trap and Hip-Hop, and his favourite DJ’s include San Holo, Marshmello, Deadmau5 and Steve Aoki. Similarly to both Deadmau5 and Marshmello, he too DJ’s in a mask, playing out the whole humanoid reptile character.

He was a music captain in High School at Riverview, specialising in percussion instruments and was at one point even scouted by the Sydney Symphony Orchestra’s Timpanist to potentially be his protiégé. His passion for music continued up to this day continuing within the uni he’s currently studying at, Sydney Uni. He started DJ’ing at Sydney Uni during late 2017, so he’s still quite new to the whole scene. He started taking classes to learn to DJ and had DJ’ed a few Uni parties along the way. Despite the limited experience though he’s played at some clubs across Sydney including the Slyfox, Jamaica House, The Jungle and even the World Bar on one occasion. Recently he also competed in the Your Shot Sydney tournament earlier this year in the Wild Card Competition despite only having a few months experience at the time, learning some tips and tricks from the likes of DJ’s like Robust and Clueless.





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