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Dave Seaman | Interview with Timmy | Thursday 14th April – 5.30pm

Ahead of his Australian tour U.K. producer/DJ – Dave Seaman chats with Timmy live from London. Listen Up!

(This interview was originally panned for 7th April but has been rescheduled to Thursday 14th April.)

Seladoria 2022 – an aural and visual adventure for a post-pandemic world. What started as a lockdown livestream is set to become a world tour.

The brainchild of Selador label bosses Dave Seaman and Steve Parry. The event showcases artists who have released tracks on the Selador label. 

The response so far has been huge, with tours already planned for USA, South America and Europe. 

Seladoria is where imaginations run wild. Your sonic chaperones will be Selador’s renowned selectors Dave Seaman and Steve Parry, alongside specially invited guests who subscribe to the Seladorian mantra of high grade house & techno and all flavours in-between.  

So come join us for escapist nights spent in a parallel universe fired by rhythm and love. An out of body experience, where we all come together as one to celebrate and dance. The ritual is centuries old, clubland is where it currently resides. 

Seladoria is a visual feast, as we take you down the rabbit hole to the naughty forest. An otherworldly adventure where a kaleidoscope of colour will engulf you and Harvey, our enigmatic Rabbit King, leads us all a merry dance whilst our Seladorian hosts attend to your every need.

The Australian tour is scheduled for the end of April 2022, featuring Dave Seaman, Darren Emerson, Steve Parry, Just Her, Jamie Stevens (Melbourne only) & Steve Marx (Sydney only).

After this, there is no turning back. 

Choose wisely, and our Seladorian wonderland will take your hearts and minds on the trip of a lifetime. 

Acid House Forever!

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