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LOCO- When you think of the work Loco, you think of people going wild, hence the namesake “Loco”.

Canberra born and Melbourne local, Loco specialises in Tech House, House, Minimal and Hard Techno. Emerging onto theDJ scene back in 2021, Loco started making mixes on his phone and from there his passion grew and that is when he bought his first set of decks in 2022.

He would practice religiously in his bedroom and listen to artists like Drewsy (CBR) and Prohibited (CBR/MEL); constantly asking for advice on how to improve his mixing. He would then go and play in small bars across Canberra and that is where Loco started to find his groove, but something was still missing.

Becoming a regular at Bulldog Studios and continuously practicing on a set of DDJ 200s, he fell in love with the sounds of the Melbourne Underground. Watching and listening to the heavy hitters such as Eric Sidey, Orkestrated and Short Round, he scoured Soundcloud religiously to expand his library.

He brought out his first mash up “Rumble X Untouched” under DJ Loco in mid-June of 2023 which since then has had over 1400 plays on Soundcloud. With a complete refresh of his brand, Loco now has a brand new mix series known as the Sounds of Melbourne.

Closing out 2023, Loco had his Melbourne and club debut at Astra’s Open Deck Night on Melbourne’s nightclubbing precinct Chapel Street, debuting along side Melbourne heavy weights Odyssey and Zak Bennett. This in turn landed Loco another at Astra which eventuated onto bigger and better set at the NYE Palooza indoor set in which he performed as Loco.

Two weeks into the start of the year and already he has rebranded under Loco and his mix series under it called the Sounds of Melbourne EP 001. The goal for this is to recreate the movement of the keeping the Melbourne Sound alive and well in the clubs.

The Sounds of Melbourne EP series will not only showcase what the Melbourne Underground scene has to offer, but Loco will also be joined by a few special guests over the coming months. 2024 is the year for Loco and he is a name that will be coming to a household near you, or maybe even your household.

CORTEZ- Raised in a town that lacked the EDM night-life, Corey Laughton had no where to turn for that inspiring thrill. Having the love for any big city that had big opportunity, Corey travelled around Australia to find his place in the world. Living in virtually every main city in Australia, but eventually he finds his way back to Adelaide.

2023 sparked his love for the music life when he became a contestant for the Your Shot 2023 competition. With the help and support of his friends and family voting on a list of names, Corey had finally become a DJ who ran by the name Cortez. Your Shot was his opportunity to learn, inspire and perform as a DJ.

From a beginner bedroom DJ using only a laptop, to continuing on training and performing as part of the Adelaide’s now Next Step program in one of Adelaide busiest club environments. Corey rekindled his fire for EDM and will continue to do so, now that his foot is through the door.

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