Blasé Bandit – 60 minute LIVE guest mix on Brain Food – 11:30pm to 1am – 11th of January

Blasé Bandit, aka Patrick O’Brien, is the 22 year old Melbourne producer who’s certainly no newcomer to the process of production. Having begun the slippery slope 9 years ago, granted Patrick the time to observe, fine tune his taste and expand in his capabilities of expression. More recently he has endeavoured to further his capacity by undertaking further studies at the Australian Institute of Music where he is currently completing his Bachelor of Production and Composition.

As Blasé Bandit, Patrick carries the aim to capture and interpret the sounds, rhythms, and atmospheres that have appealed to him as a fan of electronic music. With rhythm playing a fundamental role in his style, he steadfastly holds to the core belief that they themselves should act as a feature of electronic music and not just as support for the rest of the track. Simultaneously he enjoys focusing on use of malleable and morphing polyrhythms, and polymetric patterns to keep things a little less static.

Conceptually he draws inspiration from his surrounds which can be heard through his choice of sound design and audio manipulation. There is a certain palette of tonal characteristics that reflects Melbourne’s busy and fast-paced CBD. These characteristics heavily influence his musical output in their overall texture and mood, which curiously and brilliantly marks the works of the beginner-not-so-beginner Blasé Bandit.

Check out Blasé Bandit’s music below then listen to Brain Food this Thursday night for his 60 minute LIVE guest mix!

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