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Arad – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food Radio – 10pm to 11:30pm (AEST) – 28th of July 2020

Dara Smith, one half of the successful duo Lakker, continues to reinvent himself through his solo moniker ARAD. But ARAD is not only an exploration of new sounds but also an exploration of persona: physically and virtually. Through ARAD, Smith is allowing his many-tendriled mind to investigate all aspects of media, technology and scientific interests, which his very curious mind is constantly delving into. Physically he has challenged himself to become a performer by providing the vocals to his music and singing live during performances. Virtually he wants to use his love of visual mediums to ‘live’ through ARAD on as many interesting virtual planes as possible. Whether it be game engine , AV show to Twitch and Instagram. The fluid persona of ARAD allows Smith the opportunity to work beyond the realms of an electronic musician and to spread his wings into performance art, virtual art, etc

His solo journey started with a pair of releases on Speedy J,s legendary label Electric Deluxe and next where Smith truly found his new voice on the influential label Bedoiun Records. Now with this Fourth release, ARAD has found a comfortable home with the daring tastemaker label Voitax. This latest EP combines processed vocals with colorful synthesis and a nostalgic nod to Uk Garage. Smith explains, “I really enjoyed experimenting with beats that had some swing to them but also little darkness”. ARAD continues his vocal explorations on this EP, but as always there are cross-genre tracks that defy categorization. ARAD is also comfortable making pure dancefloor music but what binds all of the work however, is the attempt to capture emotion and colour in music. This synesthetic approach is what makes ARAD one to watch!

Check out ARAD’s music below then listen to Brain Food Radio on Tuesday night for his EXCLUSIVE guest mix!

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