0010×0010 | GUESTMIX | 20/07/2017 | BRAIN FOOD

0010×0010 – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food – 11.30pm to 1am – 20th of July

Dutch born multi-media artist (Art / Design / Film / Music / Photography) 0010×0010 has been part of the music and art scene for many years. His artist name is derived from his birthday, pronounced “2-2” via binary code. He produces and performs through a diverse tray of sound, style, and sight, giving his fans a formula that boasts a crossbred approach to creativity and cultivation. Under different pseudonyms, 0010×0010 fuses craft and melody in a stylistic and profound manner.In 2009, he founded the alternative lifestyle and entertainment label Cyberstate of Consciousness.This unique label has transpired into a branded culture, by which captures untapped value through influencing “what you hear, wear and see”. 0010×0010 speaks to inspiration when stating: “I find that ‘inspiration’ comes from everywhere… people, nature, art, films, music and sounds…I’m often surprised how I can creatively channel and translate my experiences into design”.

Stepping beyond 2016, which 0010×0010 refers to as a year of ground breaking “production”, he is prepared to deliver an impacting breadth of inventive influence through screen and stage in 2017. This includes a feature film + soundtrack entitled “ZYQ” , a Techno/IDM Double Album and an Avant Garde Interactive Audio/Visual Art Show,

His latest releases “0010×0010 – 303+606 EP (Generation Acid)” arrived at #1 via Juno Electro Charts, #3 on the Juno Techno Charts, and Techno Recommends in November of 2014. The “0010×0010 & D’RAY – Neon Velvet (Khemestry)” engaged #1-#5 spots on some of the top 10 digital platforms for musical download and #47Beatport Top 100. The “0010×0010 + Dubit Wir Sind EP (Cyberstate of Consciousness)” delivered a musical video that was well recepted and graciously received by the Avante Garde crowd and many notable critics. In 2016 he released Acid Made Me Do it which landed #34 Beatport top 100 and was supported by Acid Legend DJ Pierre. His May 2017 released all TB 303 album |||Ø||| (303) has been a great success so far, with top 10 positions in the Juno Techno (#6) and in the Electronica (#2), House (#6) , Deep House (#7) , Techno (#9) and Main (#33) Beatport Charts.

Check out 0010×0010’s music below then listen to Brain Food this Thursday night for his EXCLUSIVE guest mix!

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