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Kable54 New Album – Volca Galaxies // Modern Hypnosis Sunday 4:30-6pm

Kable54 will be in the Kiss studio for a chat about his new album Volca Galaxies out now on Clan Analog.

Following on from 2016’s “plastic ambient” album T he Month Machine , Melbourne’s microsynth virtuoso Kable54 has turned his hand to creating an album of acid-tinted krautrock jams with electric circuitry and voltage, the superb Volca Galaxies .

Volca Galaxies evolved over 12 months of live performances and improvisational jams around Melbourne using a minimal setup of small portable analogue Volca synths. K able54 took those jams, polished them up and fed them a diet of East German steroids and West German psychedelics before piecing the whole thing back together again. The record sounds like an energetic, emotional journey through the hypercolour enormity of the Milky Way galaxy.

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