Interview on Back to the Future | Avii

Saturday morning on your weekly episode of Back to the Future with Louella & Michelle, we have Melbourne singers Avii coming in for a chat.

South African born Songbird Avii can only be described as eclectic. Her sultry and elegant voice gives her music a soulful and sophisticated sound. This petite songstress with a larger than life personality and fiery image brings a whole new level to alternative music.

Avii’s passion for music and live performance began at the age of 5. Although she enjoys the alternative genre, she has an exceptional natural, raw talent for a wide range of genres making her sound unique and alluring.

Following her dream of being a live performer, Avii sang at local open mic nights drawing audiences and followers from all walks of life. It was at one of these performances that producer and singer/songwriter Donell Lewis discovered her. Lewis recognized the power of Avii’s sultry sound and soon became her mentor.

Tune in at 11am to hear us have a chat!!

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