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Silicone Soul – 45 minute interview & guest mix special on Brain Food Radio – 10pm to 11:30pm (AEDT) – 28th of November 2023 (Silicone Soul special from 10.45pm)

Craig Morrison and Graeme Reedie’s quest for absolute soul alchemy will never cease. An unquenchable thirst for that perfect sweet spot between organic and electronic, synthetic and authentic; sounds that shroud yet pound, allure yet attack, innovate yet resonate, whisk away yet keep you rooted to the ground… it’s a dichotomy that’s driven, inspired and motivated them, keeping them together – and relevant – since Silicone Soul took life as two teenage pretenders in 1998.

Enrapturing you with blues one moment, damaging you with disco the next then blindsiding you with a deep tech tease – these are the dynamics that Craig and Graeme have made their signature in everything they do. Respected studio artists who’ve honed the dark art of hypnosis and immersion, in-demand DJs who can spellbind ears in all capacities from Panorama Bar to T In The Park via two Radio 1 Essential Mixes and The Boiler Room; founders of influential independent label Darkroom Dubs: However, and wherever, you encounter Silicone Soul’s operations, their kaleidoscopic electronic ethos is unfailing.

Take their productions: four critically-applauded artist albums, countless singles, remixes and counting, their sound ranges from the glistening cosmic soul of ‘When The Devil Drives’ to the palpitating hypno-squeeze of ‘Time Mariner’s Mirrour’ and everything in between… including, of course, their famous underground string-driven crossover ‘Right On, Right On’ which they famously refused to perform on Top Of The Pops and their seminal 8-min remix odyssey of Shatrax’s ‘Misspent Years’ that introduced their Darkroom Dub signature… a signature that’s become a by-word for authentic and original underground house music.

Entrenched in Soma schooling, Darkroom Dubs maintains Glasgow’s record label tradition of never compromising and encouraging the most honest records from all artists who work with them, from supporting early and breakthrough cuts to working with innovators of all generations. Over 20 years, Darkroom Dubs has amassed a rich catalogue of unique and inspiring electronic music with breadth, soul and a subtle sense of cosmic consistency, just like Craig and Graeme’s productions. The fact they only ever sign tracks they truly believe in means every Darkroom Dubs release is worth checking, with their sporadic-but-always on-point Darkroom Dubs compilations vital for any card-carrying house lover.

Check out Silicone Soul’s music then listen to Brain Food Radio on Tuesday night for their EXCLUSIVE guest mix & interview special!


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