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Jennifer Touch – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food Radio – 10pm to 11:30pm (AEDT) – 14th of Nov 2023 (guest mix from 11pm)

Showcasing her unique sound in the saturated world of electronica, J Touch successfully combines dark 80’s vintage synths with industrial soundscapes, delivered with a visceral post-punk snarl that is home on that dancefloor and off, as a live musician or in her DJ Sets. As a child, Touch was led to believe all the melodies in the world had already been used, rendering being a musician futile and pointless. Ignoring the bollocks, her desire for self-expression through music prevailed, and after the Berlin wall came down, her early musical tastes expanded beyond 80’s pop, later embracing the bleak and rough techno of Berlin’s burgeoning underground. Crucially, there were machines out there that would enable her own creations. You’ll rarely find an artist today so devoted to sound or as deeply immersed in the affective reverberation of old synths. She calls it Post-Wave-Cold-Pop-Acid-Romance, rubbing sonic shoulders with PJ Harvey, Tempers and Depeche Mode. Jennifer Touch is an artist on a journey, not afraid to share the intimate details on route to her destination, wherever that may be.

Berlin artist Jennifer Touch returned with her second album MIDNIGHT PROPOSALS, released via Fat Cat Records in February this year, followed now by an exclusive song contribution to Curses’ new compilation, Next Wave Acid Punx DEUX, that runs the gamut from punishing industrial to techno through to post-punk experiments and romantic gothic electro-pop. It’s in the latter two categories that Fat Cat Records’ Jennifer Touch falls into with her exclusive contribution, Altars, an atmospheric new wave pop song where electro rhythms collide with desolate, windswept synths and Touch’s yearning vocals to haunting effect.

Check Jennifer Touch’s music below then listen to Brain Food Radio tomorrow night for her EXCLUSIVE guest mix!

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