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Psycology hosted by Miss Jade is giving you a taste of the UK Record Label, Doubsquare this July through to September.

With artists from the Psy trance label talking all about their production, music journey and involvment with the label we will get a fresh take on what music is geting made and released by these fatastic international artists.

Tune in July 12th with special guest & label owner DOUBKORE for a special guest mix and interview PLUS young gun MINDFLUX giving you a taste of what can happen when you follow your music career dreams


11:30pm – 1am AEST

2:30pm – 4pm UK

10:30am – 12pm BRASIL

HOW TO LISTEN: via, the Kiss FM Australia App (download free from the app store) OR local 87.6-87.8FM



Jurgen Dedja, known by his stage name DoubKore, is an italian psychedelic trance producer.

Hi project has been running for more than a decade in different ways, initially it was Minimal Techno, in 2014 his music evolved into Minimal Prog, a mix between minimal and progressive trance sounds.

His first album “7th Dimensions” was released in 2014 on his own label “DoubSquare Records” (founded in early 2012)
After years of touring and gigs around the world he decided to explore new ways to express hisself and started producing psytrance.
In 2017 is where he really felt in love with psytrance and started his evolution, mainly inspired by Astrix, a pioneer of the scene.

His second album called “Haute Couture”, released in 2021, reaching the 1st position on Beatport’s charts.

He’s actually working on a third album called “Shamanic Vision”, an experience with a diverse musical journey through forest soundscapes that will take you to faraway realms, with unexpected breaks and evolutions. Characterised by organic sounds and melodies packed with emotions, tribal rhythmic grooves, a deep meditative atmosphere, analog soundscapes and a powerful sound experience.



Welcome to the sonic universe of MindFlux (BR), also known as Gustavo Passos, a psytrance producer who emerged with a burning passion since 2020. Under the starry sky of FullOn Groove, MindFlux transcends musical boundaries, leaving an indelible mark on the electronic scene.

From vibrant collaborations like “Vital Honey” with DoubKore and “Ancient Voices” with Afterlif3 to solo creations like “Effects of LSD” and “Sounds of Space,” each track is a unique expression of MindFlux’s musical vision. All these captivating sounds find their home on the prestigious DoubSquare Records, a British label that witnessed the rise of this Brazilian talent.

“Psychedelic Swing,” a magical collaboration with RedLion Music, adds an extra dimension to MindFlux’s sonic journey. Each collaboration is a celebration of musical diversity, bringing forth a unique fusion of styles and influences.

With epic performances at venues like Toca do Tatu, Club A, and Open Bar Club, MindFlux is a master at connecting music with the audience. His ability to bring people closer to the stage with captivating rhythms is legendary, providing an experience where every beat is a dance and every melody is a journey.

For MindFlux, music goes beyond entertainment; it is a tool to convey love, positivity, and genuine happiness. Every note is an invitation to an elevated state of mind, an experience that transcends the physical and connects directly with the soul.

With eyes set on the world’s biggest stages, Gustavo Passos aspires to share the transformative importance of music in the lives of all human beings. His message resonates in the beats that echo, proclaiming the universality of music as a force capable of uniting hearts and minds.

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