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Alicia @Strobelight is a Malaysian-born Melbournian currently residing in Sydney.

From an early age she had an appreciation for music through ballet, performing arts and dance.

Her musical influences expand across a variety of genres, including post rock, shoegaze, Japanese hip hop jazz, house, electro, and last but not least, techno. After seeing Ben Sims perform in Kuala Lumpur more than 20 years ago, it was love at first sight. Although Malaysia was a long way from Australia, she began collecting CDs from Melbourne’s leading techno pioneers at the time: Simon Digby and Will E Tell from Wetmusik.

Her techno heroes include Oscar Mulero, Ken Ishii, Deepbass, Takaaki Itoh, Hydrangea, Answer Code Request, and, Ben Sims of course.

After years of raving at clubs and festivals, she finally took an interest in DJing and started practising at home with the support of her husband who is also a DJ.

Inspired by Hor Berlin and Dommune sets, she began to dig for more music and explored her own sound, which is reflected in her personal style of techno with sets constructed around deep hypnotic and pulsating grooves with a melodic twist.

During last year’s lockdown, Alicia and her husband started a weekly Mixcloud livestream and have since gained a steady following of regular listeners from all over the world. This gave her the perfect outlet to test and improve her skills and bring music to the global techno community.

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