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Randolph & Mortimer – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food Radio – 10pm to 11:30pm (AEDT) – 24th of Oct 2023 (guest mix from 11pm)

Randolph & Mortimer is a music and visual arts project manufactured in Sheffield, England, a city that has rich history in both Industrial manufacturing and Industrial Electronic music.

When Randolph & Mortimer was originally conceived there was no plan, no band, no record label, there was just an idea to combine a love of multiple audio and visual influences. To create an ’art project’ forged from mixing the sounds of Belgian New Beat, Electronic Body Music and the euphoria of early 90s rave with gritty visuals of 1980s video, adverts and stock footage. These audio and visual influences were then combined with a fascination with politics, economics and the work of English documentary maker Adam Curtis. With such a wild range of influences Randolph & Mortimer was never going to “normal” band. Teaming up with Manchester’s video artists Meat Cassette from the very beginning to help create mindblowing music videos and live shows to create unique events that were more than just standard live concerts.

The R&M journey started in 2014 with the $ocial £utures €P, a cassette release on the US label Young Cubs, followed by a few limited EPs and CDs but it was the debut album ‘Manifesto For A Modern World’ in 2020 that saw them evolve into a serious force in the modern Electronic Body Music & New Beat movement. The album went onto to be released on vinyl by the ultra cool Polish label Mecanica.Then in 2022 a double vinyl remixes album, ‘Systems, Souls & Societies’, was released which saw R&M remixed by some world class producers like Ancient Methods, Schwefelgelb, Curses, Kris Baha and ROÜGE.

Some of the biggest DJs in the scene, artists like Phase Fatale, DJ Bloody Mary, Cormac, Reka and Pablo Bozzi, have been dropping R&M tracks and radio shows across the planet have been featuring R&M on the airwaves.

As a live band R&M has played at various festivals around the world such as Terminus Festival (Canada), Klubb Kalabalik (Sweden) & Resistanz (England) and the band have played gigs alongside some of the scene’s biggest live acts like Youth Code, Godflesh and 3Teeth. Whilst the DJ set has taken them across Europe to cities like Berlin and Athens.

2023 kicked off in spectacular style with the release of the second album The Incomplete Truth, featuring collaborations with Neu-Romancer, Black Dahlia, Dominique Slva & Andi. The feedback was insane, EBM blog has said of the The Incomplete Truth…
“ an extraordinary, brilliant album, and one of the first genuine contenders for the best album of 2023.”

This has been followed up was a huge remix for Swedish electronic legends KITE and now a brand new collaboration with New York’s Andi that features on the massive Curses compilation ‘New Wave Acid Punx DEUX’ on Eskimo Recordings.

To top the year off The Incomplete Truth album will also be getting a vinyl release on Mecanica in Nov 2023.

Check Randolph & Mortimer’s music below then listen to Brain Food Radio TONIGHT for an EXCLUSIVE guest mix!

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