Philosoraptor & Woz Exclusive Mix On Modern Hypnosis // Wednesday 10:30am

The time has come. Philosoraptor & Woz lay down a b2b mix in preparation for the 100th Modern Hypnosis Show at Grumpy’s Green,  Saturday 1st April.  Tune in on Kiss FM to witness!

Philosoraptor and Woz met each other out at various Bass music parties circa 2008. They shared a love in collecting Dubstep records and had weekly jams with friends, which sharpened their skills as DJs from a young age. Woz received his first residency warming up the Heartical Hi-Powa every month at the long lost Night Owl. Years later Philosoraptor stepped up and took his place, honing his signature sound of funky, smooth & seductive Dubstep blends, whilst also firing out tunes like shotgun pellets capturing the crowd’s attention through an array of different styles. Since then, Woz began throwing parties together with four other like-minded DJs under the moniker Loose Joints. Philosoraptor took a long break from DJing to work on his flow as a freestyle MC, regularly performing and hosting the ‘Can I kick it?’ Open Mic Freestyle event at Horse Bizarre. Recently Woz uncovered the dusty, rare fossils of Philosoraptor’s collection, and demanded he brought himself out of retirement for one last B2B set before the ‘raptor’s extinction. Expect to hear the best and most underrated tunes from an era of Bass music like no other.

Modern Hypnosis


10:30am – 12pm (AEST)

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