This week on Our Patchwork Tiff is joined by mysterious Late Night Date!

DJ Bio:

“Late Night Date’s take on house music is intriguingly raw and passionate, yet subtle and moody. This delicate balancing act is the culmination of diverse musical influences and years of curating, collecting and selecting records. His selection covers a spectrum of dance music genres with a common thread running through each track – a je ne sais quoi, creating a distinctive and recognisable sound characterised by lush saturated synths, rolling basslines, swinging high hats and kicks with just the right amount of grit.

His most exciting sets so far this year – opening for Pleasurekraft, Anthony Naples and Monolink – have flaunted his longstanding influences from the UK garage and minimal house revival, a sound that is evidently beginning to permeate clubs at home, and throughout the world.

Late Night Date’s productions gained significant attention following his live performance for Melbourne Music Week in late 2018. The material was written entirely on planes, trains and hotel rooms, absorbing the rich musical influences from parties in Amsterdam via Paris, Berlin and London. He manipulated his late night experiences into visceral and engaging club cuts, sampling the environments around him and producing a track in each city along the way. Earlier this year he built and moved into his own studio and has been relentlessly creating and refining his own sound – stay tuned!”

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