A stylish beat crafter and polished mixologist, Chris Matheson a.k.a. Mucky Ebanz has been bringing his fusion of
funky west coast bliss and chunky east coast flavor of House to the ears and dance floors of Atlantic Canada for over 24 plus years. With a multitude of residencies held in a variety of clubs over the years, finding him behind the decks in clubs and dance parties guarantees a love of the groove spilling onto the floor from the speakers.

Beyond Halifax, his work as a performer has taken him all over the world, playing events from Montreal to Athens and Helsinki. Turning things up a notch in 2005, this seasoned professional DJ meant business in more ways than one.

His exemplary turntable and selection skills dovetailed with a background in business have naturally brought him to the next level where his record label, Atlantic Standard Recordings was born with his label partners Nick Nonsense, Deemah aka Soledrifter. In September of 2007 Matheson and Atlantic Standard were included on a cover mix for DJ Magazine by Murray Richardson and Stuart Patterson in their Rebel Waltz series.

With 4 releases on Atlantic Standard Recordings already, Mucky has been remixed by such well known artists as Magik J, Onionz, Tony Senghore, Joshua Collins and Deemah aka Soledrifter.

In July of 2017 Mucky teamed up with his good friend Soledrifter on a deep track called “Lost” that has
been released on the legendary House label King Street Sounds out of New York. After a few years hiatus a rebirth of
Atlantic Standard took place in August of 2017. Along with the faithful ASR crew of Nick Nonsense, Mucky Ebanz and SoleDrifter, the team now welcomes Veev to the family. Mucky and Veev got together in March of 2018 for a very
successful remix of the one and only J Paul Getto of a track called “S o Fine” release on ASR. Another important member to Mucky’s family and the ASR Crew is Angela Michelle from Solid House Entertainment who takes care of all bookings and management needs. 2018 brings forth lots of exciting releases and mixes from Mucky…

Stayed Tuned!!


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Silverfox Established himself in 1987 as a Underground Producer who writes many styles of House Music. Jackin House - Warehouse Techno - Breakbeat to name a few. Its was said that Silverfox sounds very American, But the truth be told, he comes from a British & German background. Since the dawn of house music in the 80s, silverfox has been their from the start to the present and will be in their come the future. This show will be not stopping any time yet. Fox is a Co label owner, plus runs his very own solo project Fox Pukka Kutz Records. Silverfox is not shy to spread the love either by releasing on many labels like Smokin Joe Records - Anonymous Records - Music Rascals - Raw Republic - UHHQ - Krome - Frosted Recordings - Biz Muzik Soul Brain - Pocket Jacks - Traktoria - Doin Work - Hi Reaction - Disco Balls Records - Sweatin - Soul Flava.

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