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Milio – 30 minute guest mix on Brain Food Radio – 10pm to 11:30pm (AEST) – 28th of June 2022 (Milio’s mix from 11pm)

“I love maintaining a different approach to making music as much as I possibly can”. A fitting description of Milio, always in search of the purest form in electronic music.

This clearly emerges when hearing his psychedelic sound and mysterious melodies. “My music comes from deep within me. It represents who I am, and it clearly shows. I don’t make music to be loved.” But no doubt this guy is loved! Top notch DJ’s such as Dixon, &ME, Solomun and many others have proven so by playing Milio’s music. Having international success as one part of Tunnelvisions, Milio started working solo on something new.

In 2021 he released his debut album ‘Nachtzon’ on the Atomnation label. A project he enjoyed working on together with close friends. “There’s no single or set approach to music, there are thousands of ways.” And so he keeps on digging. Discovering. Sometimes as a resident over at the Willem Twee Studios, which resides in his hometown of Den Bosch. One of the world’s most eligible and unique places to create analogue electronic music. The inspiring setting makes Milio feel right at home. Creating and recording unique sounds and tones that add to his euphoric danceable tracks. “It means the world to me, being able to constantly experiment and also keep growing.”

For the first and last time
This all comes together in his newest live show: Milio in the Moment.
Everything is improvised and made on the spot. Obviously just as exciting for the crowd as it is for Milio himself. You’ll hear the music for the very first time and the very last time. An utterly unique surprise. The perfect night to figure out how he does it. Improvising. A night that shows how much work he has put into his music and his skills. And a night where Milio gives his all.

Because, yes, he’s the kind who gives his all. Always, in all ways. And never without adding something new to it.

Check out Milio’s music below then listen to Brain Food Radio tomorrow night for his EXCLUSIVE guest mix!

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