Fables – 60 minute LIVE guest mix on Brain Food – 11.30pm to 1am – 5th of January

Fables is the musical brainchild of Robert George Allen V, a deft arrangement of groove and melody spanning the deeper side of house, electronica and techno.

Swathed in Sydney sunshine from birth only to be lured momentarily to the bright lights of Tokyo and Hong Kong, currently Fables represents a new breed of talent residing in the moody and introspective electronic music landscape of Melbourne.

Fables recontextualises sounds from ambient, techno, IDM, and house music and manoeuvres them into modern and innovative electronic soundscapes, suitable not only for dance floors and headphones but also everything in between.

Simple and reductive whilst simultaneously deep, rich and complex, Fables productions and DJ sets tread these opposites with a light hand and ingenuity evident in his range of influences.

Check out Fables’ music below then listen to Brain Food this Thursday night for his 60 minute LIVE guest mix!





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