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Hard to think that 20 years have elapsed since the conception of Chicane back in ’96. A whole crazy rollercoaster of a journey began with the recording of the Offshore EP.

A career in music is like no other… At times it seems there is no structure, no boss to report to and you are freewheeling through life. The reality is that I never seem to stop moving, either on a plane, in a studio or on a stage somewhere, but am fortunate to love what I do and I’m a total workaholic.
I spend vast amounts of my time in the studio, I find it at times an incredibly frustrating process. Technology has helped these days in the way you interface with the equipment, but I still find it difficult extracting what is in my head and laying it down in a true form.

The speed that I write music at is not the quickest in the business, sometimes I need to have tracks prized off me for release, as I’m constantly fiddling with them. I even have personal updates of well known released material, its like a constantly evolving medium.

Chicane - Twenty CD Booklet
Twenty – CD booklet

The Chicane project has always been one of evolution, a nomadic concept and band with a revolving selection of singers and guest artists. In more recent years the project has moved into the development of the ‘Sun:sets’ weekly radio show. It’s a project that replicates the playing of the sun down, then moving uptempo as the night gets going. It resonates with the Chicane ethos and has a flow and emphasis on melody and emotive tunes which is what I’m all about.

However, writing is still the true focal point for the project, and playing live still a blast… The travelling sometimes can border on the unhealthy, and the whole business of touring is one you’re either cut out for, or not…

Many times after a great show I have felt a mixture of elation, followed by the solitude of the plane journey to the next one. There is a loneliness you can’t escape. You have so much time on your hands, you do so much thinking, dreaming and planning while travelling, it’s where you reflect on matters of music and life.

Twenty on Vinyl and CD
Twenty – Available on Double-Vinyl

There are so many highlights in 20 years, it’s impossible to recall them all. I have played to hundreds of thousands of people, sold millions of tunes, sunk a people carrier (filming the Saltwater video) and been to Number 1, but truly feel there is much still to do and achieve. I still have an appetite for creating music across many genres, and the drive to push on for the next 20 years…

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